l strongly Recommend everyone to go through this page once https://www.facebook.com/sakshivaashiisht.transcend/ it really transform and help in conquering fear and make it more independent and confidence. This type of content help in boosting the confidence. This content can be understandable in simple manner more nice content to come guys. I hope you should like this page and spread to everyone learning from this give you knowledge only. Really worth spending time.


Nice content with the perfect blend of professional and practical life.


Having worked with Sakshi in the past was a great experience. She has an eye for detail and this adds compelling thumbs up for her content development work. She has the creativity, zeal and confidence to put her thoughts innovatively into words and her work. Be it PPTs, write-ups or corporate/academics content, she is a bang on! I would say she is multi-talented which is rare to find

Rohit Roy (Alex)

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Rohit Roy, Owner – ByteProjects -We don’t just build websites… We build your business


It was a pleasure working with Sakshi Vaashiisht during these 3 months. She is really good at content writing, content development and additional skills like banner designing, coaching. Her experience in public speaking and training and as a facilitator has depicted her confidence and the knowledge she possesses in her field. She is highly recommended for her knowledge, quick grasping nature, quick learner and confident approach when dealing with mass audiences. She always knows her audiences and delivers what is expected of her clients in her work.

Quick Learner and Confident Approach

It’s was a pleasure working with Sakshi. During this time, we worked together on few Events, She is a person with a strong ownership and driving for results all the time. She sees and can address everything from the big picture to the finest of the details. She’s energetic, straight forward, solutions oriented and highly motivated with mind blowing communication skills. She is an asset to any company that she’s with.

Pleasure Working with her

Sakshi is very obedient, good human being and very prompt at her work. She is always ready to take initiative and creative thinker in all business presentation. I wish her good luck for future prospects.

Very Prompt at her work