It is indeed important for each one of us to be organized in self especially at work. During past few years I got an opportunity to work with different kinds of clients and people which has only given me extensive opportunities to learn how important it is for each one of us to be self-organized.

I have worked with people who are highly organized and particular about their work maintaining this environment in their organization realizing the importance of it in today’s rapidly growing competition and businesses.

However, I had a tough call with few of the clients where I had a big challenge working with them because their employees were not that organized. Although it is more dependent on the organization itself to create and maintain that culture and environment in their organization, but it is also a personal call and responsibility for each employee to look for opportunities to keep learning, and improvising in this very much required skill if they lack because this highly impacts their work and people around & an organization as a whole.

If the workforce has no direction to lead, they will reach nowhere and to reach your organizational goals not only the organization, management but everyone working towards that common goal has to be well-organized.

Do you/your employees resonate with any of the following?

People are clueless and don’t know what to do in their current role?

There is no planning and strategy that can lead your employees to the desired direction

Your employees have no plans set up for the daily activities

Your middle management has a follow someone outlook instead of leading others

People seem to be confused and have no proper tasks planning and deadlines set

There are often random schedule changes, meetings at last minute

Then definitely you have to look into this to understand and implement the seed of being organized in your company culture or life.

Here are some vital tips on how to become more organized:

Manage Your Time Effectively – avoid unintentional task switching like taking up additional last minute burdens or commitments that could not be fulfilled or may impact current tasks in queue.

Advance Follow up – You may choose to take initiative and take follow ups of the previous days in advance while you drive to work or while you travel to office the following day. This will ensure that you already have confirmed tasks or status of previous day and once you reach office you can plan your new tasks and day accordingly.

Avoid Extending Meetings – Manage your meeting or conference call time efficiently to ensure you are not wasting too much of time in only reviewing the work and try and reduce it to a fair scale of 30-45 mins so rest time can be used in productivity. Call for a meeting only when required.

Manage Your Breaks Smartly – Breaks are a necessity, however, avoid unscheduled and long breaks and invest more time in productivity and saving time that can be further used in taking some necessary additional responsibilities or tasks.

Encourage Work from Home Policy – Many companies are accepting the idea to provide work from home to its employees which can lead to better concentration, work-life balance, reduced commutation time and sick leaves for your employees. This will also reduce stress for your employees and they can better contribute to organizational productivity.

Cell Phone Rules – When you are at work/working from home make sure you follow cell phone rule strictly. Avoid too much distractions or craving to keep checking WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. While working keep your cell phones and other distractions on silent or vibration mode so you can better concentrate and utilize your time during work.

Personal Time Management is Equally Important – When you start your day at work always take out some “personal time” to check your previous day’s work email responses, meeting invites if any or any important tasks pending or scheduled for the day. This will help you plan your day accordingly setting appropriate priority for each one of them.

Stay Focused and Positive – It ensures you don’t lose concentration and maintains enthusiasm throughout the day which will automatically yield to improved productivity.

Avoid Sending Unnecessary Emails – If you have to get short confirmations unless the client or coworker is in remote location where phone is not accessible, always try to get confirmations for petty issues or small conversations over the phone itself rather spending time in typing emails for every small issue/information required.

Declutter your Desk – Keep your workplace/desk clean and filled with positivity so you are always keen to work more and love your desk. A Clean desk is always as vibrant as a bright sun bringing happy mornings!

Team Work/Delegation – Tasks which are big or requires more time to be resolved make sure you take help of your team to break it down and solve with team work. Delegate the tasks that can be completed by your subordinates or teams so you can concentrate on other major issues throughout your day.

Make a Task Review List – This will help you keep a check on what all tasks are already complete and what all are still to be completed and accordingly you may plan things ahead.

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